artwork / objects

Jewelry & accessories

‘Brooch’ 1950’s

Enamel on Brass

Earring / Brooch 1950’s

Silver & Monted Green Stone

‘Belt’ 1970’s - Silver & St]tone Buckel 
‘Skirt’ 1950’s - Agharbeneh Traditional
Technique on Corduroy

‘BELT’ 1970’s - Wood
‘Skirt’ 1950’s - Agharbeneh Traditional 
Tecnique on Corduroy

‘Necklace I’ 1970’s - Silver Sheets

‘Necklace II’ 1950 - Black 
Enameled Clay

Necklace III’ 1970’s - Silver 
with Stones

Necklace IV’ 1950’s - Green Enamel 
on Brass

Necklace V’ 1970’s - Silver With 
Red Stones

Necklace VI’ - Silver

‘Ring I’ 1970’s - Silver

‘Rings II & III’ 1970’s 
Silver & Stones

‘Rings IV & V’ 1970’s
Silver & Stone

‘Ring VI’ 1970‘s - Silver

‘Shirt & Skirt’ - 1974
Cotton Fabric Applique

‘Scarves Composition I’ 1956
Printed on Cotton (30x30cm)

‘Scarves Composition II’ 1956
Printed on Cotton (30x30cm)

‘Purse I’ 1980
Carved Wood & White Leather

‘Purse II’ 1980
Carved Wood & Black Chamois Leather

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