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‘Buffet’ 1953 - Wood, Metal & Fabric

‘Chest of Drawers’ 1956 - Painted Wood

‘Vases I & II & III’ 1980’s

Terracota & Oxide / Fiberglass

‘Vessel IV’ 1980’s

Terracota & Oxide (5x35x11.5cm)

‘Vessel V’ 1980’s

Terracota (7x25x4)

‘Salt & Pepper Shakers’ 1970’s’


‘Salt & Pepper Shakers’ 1980’s’

Glazed Terracota

‘Lighter’ 1980’s

Terracota & Electrical Wiring

‘Lighters’ 1980’s

Terracota & Electrical Wiring

‘Infinite Structure Boxes’ 1970’s

Terracota (19.5x5x6cm)

‘Vase II’ 1980’s

Oxide Clay

‘Vase I’ 1980‘s

Terracota (each 22x10x6cm)

‘Vessel III’ 1950’s


‘Plate I’ 1950’s - Enameled Copper


‘Plate II’ - Glazed Terracota


‘Plate III’ 1950’s - Enameled Copper



‘Plate IV’ 1980’s - Glazed Terracota



‘Vessel VI’ 1980‘s - Glazed Terracota


‘Qurban’ 1952

Book Design (19.5x16.5cm)

‘Prisoners of Time’ Thurayya Malhas 1956

Book Design (20.5x14.5x1cm)

‘Malhamat Al InsanThurayya Malhas 1961

Book Design (16.5x12x1cm)

‘Noufous QaliqaThurayya Malhas 1955

Book Design (19x14x1cm)

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